Personal Training

Outdoor personal training for one and two people is being offered at Aqualink Box Hill from Friday 11 June. 

Take your training to a new level, achieve your goals and have fun by working with our qualified and experienced personal trainers.

Choose from one-on-one personal training or small group personal training (2-8 people) with sessions that run for either 30 or 60 minutes at Aqualink. 

The services offered by our personal trainers include:

  • Weight loss and toning
  • Sport-specific training
  • Strength and muscle building
  • Cardiovascular fitness training
  • Support and motivation to achieve your goals and improve your technique
  • Advice and education on diet, rehabilitation, injury prevention, stress and lifestyle management
  • Outdoor sessions

Our personal trainers will help you achieve maximum results in a minimum time in a varied and fun environment.

You can sign up for a personal training session by submitting your details through our online form. Our team will keep your details and arrange a time to meet and talk about what you want from training when personal training becomes available. Existing PT clients can book by contacting their personal trainer directly.

Aqualink members can pay through the member portal and non-members in person at Aqualink.

Starter Pack

Aqualink offers a Starter Pack to help you get started or give you a taste of personal training prior to committing.  

Available to members and casual users, purchase a starter pack at customer service and one of our Personal Trainers will be in touch to book in your sessions.

Session: 3 x 30 minute sessions
Price: $99

Terms and Conditions:

  • One use only per person (no multiple purchases)
  • First time users of personal training at Aqualink only
  • 45 day expiry from time of purchase
  • 8 hour notice of cancellation directly to Personal Trainer applies or session will be forfeited

For more information or to register, complete our Personal Training enquiry form.

Staff will carefully monitor safety procedures to ensure the wellbeing of all users. We appreciate your cooperation with these arrangements, as part of our collective responsibility to community health.