Party at Aqualink Box Hill

Take the hassle out of your next children’s party by booking a party option at Aqualink Box Hill.

Water-based activities include: games, noodle races and relays, water basketball, Tarzan rope, treasure hunt, and dive boards.

Party options at Aqualink Box Hill include:

  Pool Party Have a Ball Party Best of Both Party Life of the Party
Party room
for one hour
and 45 minutes
Party room
for two hours
and 45 minutes
Organised aquatic
activities for one hour
Organised stadium
activities for one hour
Party invitations
Present for birthday child
Cost $18.50 per child $18.50 per child $29 per child $50 room hire cost
+ $5.90 per child
Optional extras Inflatable $85
Inflatable $85
Inflatable $85

* We offer three menu options ( PDF 425.92KB) starting at $10 for the Tadpole, $12.50 for the Froggy and $15 for the Nemo menu option. All prices are per person.

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