9 Week Challenge

The 9 Week Challenge is a results based program with the lot - small group personal training sessions, group fitness classes, nutritional advice, educational seminars, healthy recipes and access to a private 9WC Facebook group.


 "I prioritised my health. Now I am happier, stronger and more confident" .....Belinda

"During the Challenge I lost 5kgs and 5cm off both my waist and hips. I also received a lot of help and support from my trainer” .....Sophie

"Nine weeks ago, 24 stairs at my workplace seemed impossible to climb. But now I find excuses to go up and down several times a day!’".....Helen


Aqualink's 9 Week Challenge begins at the start of each year, to be the first to know of next year's Challenge, register your interest to enquiry@aqualink.com.au  

2018 9WC REVIEW:

How do you sum up the achievements of over 50 Aqualink members who have committed themselves to a healthier approach to their lifestyle, changing exercise and eating habits for the better as part of Aqualink’s 9 Week Challenge? AMAZING AND TRULY INSPIRATIONAL!!

Over 70kg of fat was lost, 16kg of muscle gained and over 1.5m of circumferences disappeared from the members over the 9 weeks of the Challenge.

Each participant’s intention and goals differed for the challenge – weight loss, increased fitness, increased strength, nutritional knowledge and assistance, support from professional personal trainers, and above all achieve their goals! The wide range of participants not only varied in age from 23 to 77, but also fitness levels, fitness experience and lifestyle backgrounds. This group of people formed a strong community that was going to have fun together, push each other and support each other to succeed.

What an experience the past 9 weeks has been for these Aqualink members. Information and educational seminars including; keys to a balanced and nutritional healthy eating plan delivered by a qualified dietitian as well as effective training techniques, assisted the participants to gain the knowledge required to make long term changes for themselves and their families. Cooking demonstrations by MasterChef contestant Jacqui Ackland revealed the secrets to healthy, nutritious and easy to cook meals at home.
All members raved about the recipe booklet received that included weekly meal plans and recipes such as berry nutty bircher muesli, savoury muffins and tandoori lamb cutlets.

New to 2018 was a weekly Super Saturday Session. This workout enabled all members to work out together in a fun group environment. Workouts included the fitness versions of Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt and the board game Monopoly. The Challenge Coaches loved seeing the joy on the member’s faces when they were able to complete exercises and activities they never thought they could do.

This year the results have been amazing with people being able to run for the first time, getting back in shape after having a baby, being wedding ready, losing weight, and gaining the knowledge of how to cook.

Every participant is a winner by challenging themselves to make a positive change to their health and lifestyle. Here are a few very personal stories of those that have excelled.

2018 9WC official winners:

EMMA- winning female

 “I am fitting back into my non-maternity clothes, my whole family is eating a more nutritionally balanced diet, I relearnt how to swim and I think the most important thing I gained from the 9WC is a changed outlook on myself, nutrition and exercise.”

At our first PT session, I thought ‘I can’t do this. I’ll never be stronger.’ But my PT’s enthusiasm, and the positivity from the other participants and trainers got me through those first scary weeks. The Nutrition Seminar changed the way I viewed the 9WC; I stopped seeing it as something that was just for nine weeks, and started seeing it as a kick-start to a healthy life.

Another challenge for me was nutrition (I was addicted to chocolate… and cake… and sweets). I was initially aiming to just cut everything ‘bad’ out for nine weeks, but that changed after the Nutrition Seminar. I stopped seeing food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and focussed on what was in it and how it fuelled my body (now I eat like an adult instead of a sugar-crazed child!).

We eat better as a family, and that’s probably the best thing I’ve gained from the 9WC: my family’s health. You only get one life, make it a long, happy, healthy one.”

7.7kg weight loss

25.8cm decrease in circumference

23.78% change in body composition


SCOTT - winning male

“My physio advised me to do the 9 week challenge because my body was a train wreck from a car accident. I started off doing the bare minimum and I couldn’t do planks or push ups. But as the challenge progressed I got more confident in my body to workout, started doing everything and pushed myself.”

2.9kg weight loss

11.4cm decrease in circumference

11.49% change in body composition


These are just a few of the truly inspirational stories from the 9WC community. The program is all about changing lives. Congratulations to all of our members.


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