Birthday Party Social Stories

Aqualink is committed to helping ensure all kids have an enjoyable time at our centre.

We have developed Social Stories which are helpful resources for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety Disorders and those who just seem to worry a bit more about new and unfamiliar places.

Social stories are visual story books. They provide short descriptions to help your child understand what they may experience at an Aqualink party.

Your child will see where they go upon arrival, who will meet them, what games they might play, what our centres look like, what our pools look like, what colour the party staff wear, what uniform our lifeguard’s wear and where they can go if they need some down time.

There are two Social Stories that you can download:




How we can help:

Aqualink’s trained staff can help ease the strain your child might feel about an upcoming birthday party. We want all children, especially those with a tendency to worry a little more, to be given the chance to experience the fun of a pool party. 

• We can arrange to take your child on a tour of the centre before the party

• You can read our Social Stories to your child so they know what to expect at the party

• We will work with your family to create and theme the most suitable party for your child

• We will do our very best to ensure the party is fun for your child


Call us to chat about your child

We would love to chat to you about your child and how we can work together to create an enjoyable party experience.

Please call the Programs Team at Aqualink Box Hill on 03 9843 2900.