Group Fitness Program

Group fitness at Aqualink is about having fun, exercising to upbeat music and getting fit.

Across our Aqualink Box Hill and Aqualink Nunawading facilities we offer more than 230 group fitness classes a week including 30 minute express classes.

Full descriptions of classes offered at Aqualink Box Hill is provided below. To view the current timetable click here

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Les Mills Classes

  • BODYATTACK: Will get you fit FAST! This high energy aerobics class is suited to participants with moderate to high fitness.
  • BODYCOMBAT: Punch and kick your way to fitness in this high-energy martial-arts inspired non-contact workout. Up the intensity and destroy calories while working your legs, toning your arms, back and shoulders. BodyCombat also provides a phenomenal core workout. This class is best suited to participants with moderate to high fitness levels.
  • BODYPUMP: A low impact workout using specially designed barbells. This class is perfect for toning your body whilst working your cardiovascular system at the same time.
  • BODYSTEP: The perfect workout for your butt and thighs. This class is ideal for those who want to increase their fitness levels.
  • TONE: The optimal mix of strength, cardio and core training. The mix of functional training and tubing exercises will help you burn calories and take your fitness to the next level. Also a great foundation class, with a wide variety of options accommodating all fitness levels.
  • RPM: A 45 minute group indoor cycling workout where you control the intensity. It's fun, low impact and burns loads of calories

Freestyle Classes

  • BELLYDANCING: A fun and expressive art form from the Middle East. Benefits include improved coordination, increased self-esteem and creative expression, fitness, core strength and a whole lot of fun. With lo impact and easy-to-do moves, it is great for all ages and fitness levels.
  • BOXING FITNESS: An exciting, high intensity action packed class. The class consists of pad work, skipping, shadow boxing and other cardio and resistance exercises. Boxing Fitness is suitable for all fitness levels.
  • CORE EXPRESS: A 30 minute intense class focusing on the abdominal, obliques and back muscles. Designed to challenge and strength your core area. The class is ideal for those who want a strong, toned core, reduce lower back pain and to take you ab training to the next level.
  • CYCLE/CYCLE EXPRESS: Is an indoor cyling class that is perfect for the cycling enthusiast or anyone wanting to vary their training. This class can burn more calories than any other Group Fitness Class. Express classes are 30 minute duration.
  • FAB STRENGTH: A class that is suitable for older adults. An enjoyable and interactive class that involves using strength equipment and the individual’s body weight. The class further highlights the health benefits and importance of using weight bearing exercises.
  • GENTLE EXERCISE: Combining seated/chair based exercise with standing work. Suits males and females. May include the use of small balls, thera-bands and scarves, stability and balance work. Ideal for older adults, and particularly for frail persons.
  • HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING (HIIT)/HIIT Express: High intensity interval training uses power, agility, weight training and explosive high-impact body weight exercises that will get you super fit super fast – transforming every muscle fibre to produce a lean, athletic shape. Suitable for moderate to high fitness levels. Express classes are 30 minute duration.
  • LITE PACE: A gentle, low impact aerobic workout. Ideal for beginners, older adults, males and females. Includes core training and stability/balance work.
  • ZUMBA: A Latin inspired, dance fitness workout set to sexy, high energy Latin and international music. Suitable for all fitness levels.
  • ZUMBA GOLD: A low impact, fun Zumba class, tailored for all ages and fitness levels.

Wellness Classes

  • MEDITATION: A mat based class incorporating gentle moving meditation, elements of various Yoga styles, long held stretching, and relaxation time. This class is sure to release any tension, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.
  • PILATES: Improve your core strength by concentrating on muscle control and correct breathing patterns through smooth flowing movements. This method is utilised to improve your core stability, posture, balance and flexibility.
  • STRETCH AND STABILISE: A class designed to improve joint mobility, muscle tone and length, as well as strength for stability. Suitable for all fitness levels.
  • TAI CHI: An Ancient style of gentle exercise for the mind and body. Immerse yourself in peace and relaxation using this 1000 year old practice.
  • YOGA: This class teaches the postural techniques and controlled breathing of Yoga. Meditation techniques are introduced leaving you feeling refreshed and enlightened.
  • POWER YOGA: Is an invigorating, advanced and dynamic Yoga class that increases strength, stamina, balance and flexibility while calming and clearing the mind.

Aqua Classes

  • AQUA: This class is designed to increase your cardiovascular fitness, strength and muscle tone in a fun, low impact environment.
  • AQUAFIT: Take your aqua class to a new level. This high intensity workout in water is safe on your joints yet provides all the benefits of a power workout with motivating and high energy instructors. Suitable for all fitness levels.
  • DEEP WATER AQUA: A challenging class using flotation belts and a deep water running component to send your heart racing.
  • GENTLE AQUA: A 45 minute gentle aqua class suitable for those wishing to return to exercise in a supportive and warm water environment. Ideal for those recovering from injury, older adults and the general population.


Class Guidelines

As a condition of entry to all Group Fitness classes, participants must obtain a valid ticket from reception or the kiosk as class limits apply. Tickets must be presented to the instructor upon entry. Be early to avoid disappointment.

For safety reasons and courtesy to participants, patrons are not permitted to enter a class once it has started. All Aqua class participants must be poolside five minutes prior to class commencement.

All classes are 55 minutes in duration. Class duration outside these times will be noted on the timetable or in class descriptions. Classes include a warm up, cool down and pack up.

Ensure that you bring a water bottle and towel to every class and a blanket for Yoga and Pilates classes.

We also recommend you to check our News and Events page for any other additional changes that may occur due to public holidays or other reasons.

Remember, Aqualink members also have reciprocal access at Aqualink Nunawading. Visit Aqualink Nunawading to see the range of classes to enhance your workout.