Group Fitness FAQs

What is Group Fitness?

Group Fitness is what some people say is truly fun way to exercise! Exercising in a group with an enthusiastic, professional instructor will increase your motivation and energy. You don’t have to think of anything – just turn up and follow along! Worldwide fitness statistics show that those members who take part in group fitness regularly are more likely to continue exercising for longer, meaning greater health, fitness and wellbeing improvements.

Do I have to be fit to do the classes?

No! Group Fitness classes are there to assist you to become fit. In all classes instructors will give options for exercises from beginner to advanced, and also recommend a longer rest period if required. Remember everyone has to start somewhere, and if you wait until you are “fit enough”, you may still be waiting in a year’s time. It takes at least a month to form a new habit, but we promise once you get there you will be hooked and classes will become an enjoyable part of your weekly routine.

What are the benefits of Group Fitness?

By regularly taking part in group fitness classes and having healthy eating habits, benefits include increased fitness, increased muscle strength and tone, weight loss, increased metabolism (fat burning potential), improved flexibility and mobility, and increased energy, motivation, wellbeing and happiness. Group Fitness also is a great place to workout in a group and to make new friends. It has the added benefit of social inclusion and being part of a group environment provides numerous health and wellbeing benefits.

How many classes should I do a week?

Australian Fitness Guidelines recommend you are to complete 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise most days of the week for health improvements. To improve fitness, complete 3-4 days a week of moderate to intense exercise – including Group Fitness classes, gym program and swimming to provide the best benefit. Each individual will be different based on goals, other fitness activities you undertake (gym, swimming, sport) and your availability to exercise. We would recommend taking part in at least 2 classes a week.

How early should I arrive for classes?

All classes are subject to capacity and some classes are very popular which means they can “book out”. We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the class start time to get your ticket/band from the kiosk or reception and be ready for the beginning of the class. Some classes may require an arrival more than 15 minutes at peak times.

How do I get tickets/bands to the classes?

Tickets for classes are available through the group fitness kiosks or at reception. Bands are required for Aqua classes and are only available at reception. Tickets/bands are available up to 2 hours prior to the start of class (1 hour for 12pm Gentle Aqua at Aqualink Box Hill on Wednesday and Friday). Tickets/bands close 1 minute before the advertised class start time, or 5 minutes before the advertised class time at Aqualink Nunawading for Aqua classes. No tickets/bands will be issued after classes have closed. Each class has a capacity to ensure the safety of participants and should a class reach capacity, no extra tickets/bands can be issued.

Can I book a place in a class by email or over the phone?

No. Tickets/bands for classes can only be received in person at the group fitness kiosk or reception. This is to ensure that patrons with tickets are in the centre and places are not booked by patrons who may not be able to attend the class.

Why are the times of classes in the morning set the way they are?

Early morning weekday class times are set to allow participants time to enter the centre once it is opened, collect a ticket from the kiosk or reception, and be ready for the class, with it finishing by 7am. Mid-morning class times are set to allow parents to utilise the crèche session times and join in group fitness classes on the same day. They also enable those parents to complete school drop off and attend classes.

Can I leave halfway through a class?

Yes. New participants who are getting used to the class or to increase their fitness can leave halfway through a class. Always speak to the instructor as a new participant to advise this may occur. If equipment needs to be packed away, please set up close to the side and safely pack away, or leave for the instructor at the end of the class (after advising you will leave early). Leaving early is not recommended for regular participants.

What is the best class for me?

It all depends on your health, fitness and wellbeing goals. We recommend completing a variety of classes each week to have the most benefit to you.

Classes to increase your fitness are:

BODYATTACK, BODYPUMP, BODYSTEP, TONE, RPM, Aqua, AquaFIT, Deep Water Aqua, Deep Water Running, Boxing, Cycle, GroupFIT, HIIT, ZUMBA, CXWORX, SH’BAM, Gymstick, Tabata, THT

Classes for core, flexibility and wellness are:

Pilates, Stretch & Stabilise, Tai Chi, Yoga, Power Yoga, Meditation, Bellydancing, CXWORX, Meditation, BODYBALANCE, TONE, LES MILLS BARRE, Gymstick, Core Express

Classes for strength and toning are:

BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, TONE, LES MILLS BARRE, Aqua, AquaFIT, Deep Water Aqua, Deep Water Running, Bellydancing, Boxing, HIIT, Pilates, CXWORX, BODYBALANCE, Gymstick, Tabata, THT

Classes for weight loss are:

BODYATTACK,  BODYPUMP, BODYSTEP, TONE, RPM, Aqua, AquaFIT, Deep Water Aqua, Deep Water Running, Bellydancing, Boxing, Cycle, GroupFIT, HIIT, ZUMBA, CXWORX, SH’BAM, Gymstick, Tabata, THT

Classes specifically targeted to older adults are:

FAB Strength, Gentle Exercise, Lite Pace, ZUMBA GOLD, Bellydancing, Meditation, Gentle Aqua, Aquability, FAB Circuit, FAB Aqua, FAB Pilates

What equipment do I need for classes (yoga mat, aqua belt, boxing gloves)?

All equipment for classes is provided; all you need to bring is a drink bottle and towel. Boxing inners/wraps must be worn when taking part in boxing classes. We recommend for regular participants of boxing to bring personal boxing wraps/inners and gloves for personal preference. Boxing gloves and wraps can be purchased at Aqualink Box Hill and inner cotton gloves can be purchased at Aqualink Nunawading. Members receive a 10% discount on merchandise.

Will lifting weights in classes make me big?

No. The key to gaining muscle size is through heavy weights, low repetitions (8-12) and regular training. Heavy weights and low repetitions are not included in classes (such as BODYPUMP, GroupFIT or HIIT). Group Fitness classes will assist in toning muscles, increasing muscular endurance, and encourage a lean physique.

I’m not flexible, can I do Yoga?

Yes! Yoga will assist in increasing your flexibility and mobility. Instructors will give options for different levels of exercises for beginners and advanced participants meaning anyone can take part in classes and get the most out of workouts.

Do I need to bring a partner to boxing?

No. Instructors will help you get set up and find a partner for you to ensure you have a fun workout, while still achieving your goals from the session. If you like working out with a friend, bring them to the class as well – it can be a lot of fun.

Is Aqua just for older adults?

No. Aqua is great for anyone looking for non-impact exercise, exercise to increase your fitness, strength, tone and core strength. Instructors are energetic and motivating to ensure that you get the most out of the workout. You will be surprised at the challenge of aqua classes, and also how refreshed you feel after participating.

Can I still do classes if I am pregnant?

Always check with your doctor or treating obstetrician before starting, continuing or changing an exercise routine when pregnant. Generally if you have been exercising regularly before the pregnancy and your pregnancy is uncomplicated, continuing with exercise with some modifications is recommended. Aqua classes are generally a very suitable as the water supports the weight of the womb. Always follow the direction of your doctor or treating obstetrician relating to exercises which should not be completed during classes.

Can I still do classes if I have injuries or health conditions?

Always check with your doctor or treating health physician prior to commencing exercise after an injury or if you are suffering from a health condition. Exercise is proven to be beneficial for a very wide variety of health conditions, but modifications are sometimes required to the exercise routine. Always follow the direction of your doctor or treating health physician relating to exercises which should not be completed during classes.

What do I wear to a group fitness class?

Comfortable gym attire with appropriate closed toe shoes (sport shoes). Shoes are not required for most wellness classes. Appropriate bathers are needed for Aqua classes. Always bring a drink bottle and towel to each class. For outdoor classes we recommend you are sun smart and wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Gym attire (Aqualink Box Hill only) and bathers are available for purchase at Aqualink. Members receive a 10% discount on merchandise.

Does the instructor help me get set up for my first class?

Yes! The instructor will guide you on what you need for each class, whether it is how to set up the barbell and step in BODYPUMP, how to set up the bike in Cycle or using the flotation aqua belt in Deep Water Aqua. They are there to help you. If at any time you need assistance, please ask for help.

I really struggled in my first class, does it get easier?

Yes! Our bodies are made to be challenged and designed to make improvements so each challenge feels easier the next time. Not only will the body adapt, but also our minds. Remembering the structure of the class, what comes next and how to complete the exercises becomes easier each time you participate. You might be sore for a few days after your first class, but this is a great reminder of the hard work you put in. It does get easier though, so stick with it!

Can I do classes at both Aqualink centres?

Aqualink memberships are reciprocal which gives all Aqualink members access to both centres. This gives you access to over 220 classes a week and a wide variety to suit everyone’s needs.

Can non-members attend group fitness classes?

Yes! Casual non-members can take part in classes at Aqualink. Casual pricing can be found here: / . We recommend casuals who are taking part in more than one class per week, become Aqualink members as it will save you money.

Where can I find out more information about what each class is?

Class descriptions are available on the back of the timetable and on the Aqualink website: /

How can I stay up to date with Group Fitness news?

Like us on Facebook to be the first to hear of new classes, upcoming class changes and all group fitness news: / Also, keep checking the news and events pages on Aqualink websites: /

Why do classes sometimes change from what is advertised?

From time to time, instructors are unavailable to take their regular class. We always endeavour to find an instructor to cover the class with the same class type, however occasionally this is not achievable due to instructor availability. When a class is changed, we always attempt to change to a similar class type. Class changes are promoted on Facebook and/or website where possible.

What is the duration of classes?

Classes are generally 55 minutes in duration. Express classes are 30 minutes. Class duration outside of these times is noted on the timetable. All classes include a warm-up, cool-down and pack up.