9 Week Challenge




"During the Challenge I lost 5kgs and 5cm off both my waist and hips. I also received a lot of help and support from my trainer” .....Sophie

“Due to the challenge I have lost 4kgs and 20cms, however my greatest achievements have been to increase my strength and develop a weekly exercise routine” .....Gabrielle

"Nine weeks ago, 24 stairs at my workplace seemed impossible to climb. But now I find excuses to go up and down several times a day!’".....Helen



On 30 January, 66 people signed up to Aqualink’s 9 Week Challenge (9WC) and each had different goals; some wanted to lose weight, increase fitness or boost strength, while others wanted to learn about food, how to look after their body, change bad habits, or simply work with a professional to kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

We are so proud of the amazing group of individuals who took on this challenge. They varied in age from 16 to 68 years, and all had vastly different fitness levels, experiences and lifestyles.

The results have been outstanding, with people being able to run for the very first time, getting back in shape after having a baby, being wedding-ready, losing weight, and gaining the knowledge (and confidence) to cook successfully at home.

Every participant is a winner by challenging themselves to make positive changes to their health and lifestyle.


9WC official winners:

ROBERT - winning male

Robert acknowledges that without the 9WC his future would have been very different. As a chef for a large catering company, Robert was constantly stressed, leading to an unhealthy obsession with soft drink. At the start of the challenge Robert was ready to give up; it all felt too hard – exercise, healthy eating, feeling out of place in the gym. With the support of his trainer and other participants, Robert put his head down, quit soft drink and made the decision to give it his all. Ten kilograms of weight loss later and Robert is  till on his journey to where he wants to get to. He believes that without the support of his personal trainer and all the 9WC participants, he would not be where he is today – a changed man!


ANDREA - winning female

Andrea began the 9WC rarely exercising, suffering from crippling knee pain and knee injuries as well as elevated blood sugar levels. Andrea couldn’t walk for exercise, could only last one minute  in the cross-trainer and could only dream of ever getting back to playing tennis again. "Our personal trainer encouraged us to lead a healthy, balanced life, including mind and body. She worked us very hard, pushed us to our limits and then some, always with positivity and support, but also tough love." Due to the unwavering support of her personal trainer and other challenge participants, Andrea lost 9.4kg, decreased her measurements by 46cm, is now able to complete 15 minutes on the cross-trainer, regularly walks 5km and has dropped two dress sizes! She is also now back playing tennis!


BETH - winning Personal Trainer

“At the beginning of the Challenge I was given 7 people in two separate groups, all vastly different and all with different goals. Their results have been amazing in their own individual goals. It’s been a privilege to have trained all these amazing individuals”.

Results of the clients Beth trained include:

  • Andrea (the overall female winner) lost 9.4kgs,
  • Anita began the challenge running 7km, now running 16km
  • Gabrielle lost 4kgs and 20cm in measurements
  • And a client who has learnt how exercise can beat depression – “

Each of Beth’s clients all rave about her PT sessions, the variety, the care when choosing exercises, the support throughout the challenge, but also the “tough love” to ensure they got the most out of themselves.


ALISON, CHRIS, ROBERT, LINDA - winning group

“All of my clients achieved results, they have an ongoing training regime in place, loved the 9 Week Challenge and their group PT sessions. They all had different capabilities and goals, yet always worked as a team and encouraged each other during sessions”

Results of the Top Group:

  • Alison lost 2.7kg and 4cm off her waist
  • Chris lost 4kg, gained size and strength in his upper and lower body
  • Robert (the overall male winner) lost 10.2kg

This group worked amazingly well together, pushing each other during sessions, and meeting each other for extra sessions during the week. They overcame roadblocks together by support each others which was amazing and led to the amazing and inspirational results achieved.


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Want to know more?

The 9 Week Challenge is a results based program with the lot - small group personal training sessions, group fitness classes, nutritional advice, educational seminars, healthy recipes and access to a private 9WC Facebook group.

9 Week Challenge will be back again. To be the first to know about the program, send your expression of interest to enquiry@aqualink.com.au